Self Storage Security at Affordable Storage Alvin TX

Secured Storage Units


Solid Concrete Perimeter Wall

We have the best security in Alvin.

Well Lit Area

Surveillance Cameras

24 Hour On-site Manager

Electronic Gate

At Affordable Self Storage expect only secure storage units. We maintain our facility with cameras, on-site manager, electronic gates, cement walls and professional advice on preferred locking systems.

Theft is a problem within the self storage industry, especially facilities built with only a chain link fence for perimeter security. Thieves sometimes simply cut through a chain-link fence with bolt cutters (obtained at Home Depot or Lowes), and use the same bolt cutter to cut the lock on the unit they want to rob. They go back out through the hole in the fence, and nobody knows who did it.

Lock It Up

Keep Valuables Locked

When you store your valuables and memorabilia here at Affordable Storage, keep them under lock and key.


Cameras for Storage Units

Surveillance cameras and on site management keeps watch over the storage units and area day and night.

Pack your items with care

Pack, Pad, Tape, Label

Prepare your items before you arrive at the storage units. Pack them in well made boxes, Pack with biodegradable material, tab and label well.

When your store your valuables, memorabilia you select the storage unit that best fits, you decide if you

Storage Alvin TX, Secure Storage is Top Prioritywant to have your items in a climate controlled storage unit or natural air storage unit. However, for the safety of your things, we recommend a specific type of lock, pin lock.  We know what will keep everything secure as long as you use Affordable Storage.

Fortunately, we do have the locks available in our office at the same retail cost as the hardware store. In the scheme of things which is important, a quality lock or the headache from filing insurance claims because you used an easy to cut lock? It’s a no-brainer. Ask us for more information.